JR Croston is a Financial Services Executive in the areas of business operations and human resources. His career spans across 2 premier fortune 50 companies Wells Fargo & General Electric Company. In his roles, he has led HR & Business strategy to ensure that initiatives are effectively deployed across the business to improve organizational effectiveness. Key areas of expertise include business operations, organizational effectiveness & development, culture, succession planning, leadership development, change management and performance management. JR’s career started with Wells Fargo in 2002, and spans a number of leadership positions from Retail Mortgage Banking, Mortgage Servicing, Retail Regional Banking, Enterprise Call Center Business, Business Banking Group and Risk Management. Additionally, JR formerly worked for the General Electric Company. During his 14 year tenure with the organization he held increasing leadership roles in the areas of Collections Call Centers, Customer Service Call Centers, Quality, Marketing, Sales, and Human Resources. JR earned his Bachelor of Business Administration at Kent State University with a major in Finance. Outside of work, JR is involved in his community and professional organizations. He has a special interest in mentoring diverse individuals. JR was born and grew up in Canton, Ohio. He has two children and lives in Charlotte, NC. He is very active in his church, community and other key events.

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SVP / Human Resources
Business | HR Leader

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